Jumbo Mortgage with Low Down Payment


Jumbo Loans With 10% and 15% Down

No Mortgage Insurance

I have several loan programs for your consideration that will provide different options for a low down payment on a Jumbo Loan.  None will require mortgage insurance!  Programs updated 7/27/2015

10% Down Payment up to $1,275,000 loan amount

15% Down payment to $1,500,000 Loan amount

Thank you for your inquiry into our Jumbo loan options with low down payment requirements.  I have several products that most banks and loan officers can not offer. We currently lend in 48 states and I will have at least one option for each state, and multiple options in most states.  We are a direct lender and utilize our own underwriting, loan doc preparation and funding of your loan as well as correspondent and broker channels.    My products are designed for both home purchase and refinance transactions.  I can NOT provide a construction loan but I can payoff a construction loan on most products.  New construction is allowed if "buying" from the builder.  In addition to what you see below I can blend some of these options for even more flexibility.  Our low down jumbo product options continue to expand so please check with me direct.



10% Down to $1,000,000 In All States except Hawaii, Mississippi and Louisiana

Combo 80/10 NOW with 30 Year Fixed 2nd
740 FICO required for 10% down
720 FICO required for 15% down
Purchase Only - Owner Occupied Only

Nevada Added to options below 7/1/15 but still offering ALL our previous 10% and 15% down Jumbo products!


Option # 1


Jumbo Loan amounts - 10% down with 1st and second combo

Purchase or Refinance

$1,250,000 Maximum Loan amount with 10% down or Equity
$1,500,000 with 15% down or Equity



This is available for purchase with 10%  or 15% down payment or as a refinance with at least a 10% equity position. No PMI ( private mortgage insurance) This is an attractive option for the Jumbo borrower wanting to preserve cash.  Low rates for both fixed and ARM products.

Middle FICO Score Primary Wage Earner:  740  for 90% Financing and 720 for 85% Financing

90% Loan to Value Single Loan, No PMI to  $750,000 maximum loan amount

90% Split Combo Loan, No PMI to $1,250,000 loan amount

* Available in most States except ,Mississippi, Louisiana and Hawaii.  
* Owner Occupied Only
* Most Property Types allowed including Duplex & Detached Condo. No attached Condos allowed.
* Max debt to income ratio of 43%
* Available in 30, 20 and 15 Year Fixed Rate and 3/1 5/1, 7/1 and 10/1 ARM
* On refinance, no cash out allowed BUT payoff of any 1st, 2nd, HELOC not considered 'cash out'.
* Payoff of construction loan allowed.
No Foreclosure or BK or short sale last  7 Years


 Please call or email me for rate inquiries or questions @ (303) 482-5983 or jpeisner@jumbo-homeloans.com 


Option # 2

Purchase  or Refi  - 10% Down Payment - up to $ 750,000 Loan Amount

Purchase or Refi  - 15% Down Payment -  up to $ 750,000 Loan Amount


* New States added!  Now available in 42 states. (see state list below)

* Minimum FICO 700 (California 720 to $1,275,000)
* Max Debt Ratio 43%
* No Foreclosure or BK or short sale last  7 Years
* 2nd Lien is only available in Home Equity Credit Line to 90% and Fixed  Rate Second to 85%
* Great Low rates on 1st and 2nd
* Owner Occupied Homes Only - CONDOs allowed on this program.
* Available with Great Fixed Rates or 5/1, 7/1 and 10/1 ARM 1st position loans

* Currently our most popular product to $750,000 loan amount.  Maximum payment savings.
* Available for Purchase or Refinance

Available in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont , Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.



Option # 3

Jumbo Flex Plan

Purchase or Refinance

Single Loan or Combined Loan amount = $750,000

* Available in most states.  Call or email me with your state/zip code for product availability.
* 700 Minimum FICO score (state specific)
* Owner Occupied Homes Only

* Maximum Debt to Income ratio of 45%
* Good fixed rates 

* 90% Maximum combined loan to value
* Available for Purchase or Refinance


Option # 4

Jumbo VA Loan to $1,000,000 Loan Amount

Purchase or Refinance

Down Payment will depend On Sales Price


Available even when VA loan limit is $417,000!


For all specific rate and program inquires please provide the state, zip code and county along with price for your home.  The information on this page is general and often I can restructure for your loan scenario with a blend of the options to meet your specific needs.   Please call,  email or forward the contact  form below. Thank you for the opportunity to help with your low down,  jumbo financing! 

John Peisner - (303) 482-5983 - jpeisner@jumbo-homeloans.com 

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